Kitchen design in minutes, not months

Empower customers with an automated 3D planning solution.

An easy-to-use 3D planning solution that allows your customers to create, personalise and visualise the kitchen of their dreams, while in parallel accelerating your sales cycle by producing sales-ready projects.

Empower your customers to purchase

We simplify the kitchen design process so your customer can concentrate on what matters to them - creating accurate and realistic kitchens with stunning visuals.
saleswoman with tablet consulting couple in a kitchen and bath store

Accelerate your sales process

Our omni-channel platform allows your customer to access their kitchen project at any touchpoint, giving them the option to purchase online or bring their sales-ready order directly into store.
A kitchen retailer's online product catalog on HomeByMe for Kitchen Retailers

A seamless onmi-channel design experience

Empower your customers and in-store designers to plan with confidence and allow them to collaborate with each other at any stage in the buying process.
Flow chart of HomeByMe for Kitchen Retailers customer journey

Streamline the kitchen design process

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Superior planning experience

Create beautiful functional kitchens regardless of your design experience with our simple and intuitive solution.

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Integrated intelligence

Create error-free kitchens with our smart business rules and automated kitchen design engine.

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Accelerated sales cycles

Collaborate with your customers throughout their kitchen design process, helping to shorten the buying process.

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Accurate product catalogues

Transparent pricing calculations during the design process helps to create happier, more engaged customers.

Professional kitchens designed in a few clicks

Unique and inspirational kitchens designed with millimeter precision in your customer's space using an intelligent planning algorithm.

Embedded intelligent business rules

We integrate years of industry knowledge to notify your customers in real-time of any potential design issues during kitchen planning.

Showcase your product catalogues anytime

Guaranteed up-to-date catalogues with the ability to instantly update products, preload sales promotions and manage end-of-life products.
"We are excited by the HomeByMe for Kitchen Retailers application that will enable our global business network of Brands and retailers to offer their customers a seamless online experience for kitchen design and drive WM88 online sales in all our GEO businesses." Wilfrid Tanter, General Manager, WM88
Wilfrid Tanter, General Director, WM 88HomeByMe 3D rendering of kitchen WM88 showroom

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