We transform consumer experiences through 3D home design

We provide end-to-end solutions, from inspiration to delivery, through product configuration and online 3D space planning.

Welcome to the new world of 3D selling

Consumers expect a seamless journey from your website to your store. Using HomeByMe, kitchen, bathroom, furniture and decor, and DIY retailers and manufacturers can easily build omnichannel strategies, quickly turn leads into sales and offer the best buying experience for customers. 

Leading home brands, retailers and manufacturers trust us

Our solutions are made for companies of all sizes, from large international retailers and manufacturers to household brands and independent businesses. We target all industry sectors, including kitchen, bathroom, storage, DIY, furniture, and home decor companies. No matter where you are in the world, HomeByMe’s multi-language and currency capabilities deliver the support you need.

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The only cloud platform driving retail transformation from inspiration to purchase

With HomeByMe, furniture, kitchen and home goods businesses embrace the best 3D innovations to accelerate their digital journeys.

Omnichannel solutions

E-commerce is booming. Online retail sales are now worth more than US$5.2 trillion worldwide and will double in value again in the next few years (source: Statista). For most consumers, omnichannel has become the new normal and they want that same experience and convenience when it comes to styling their home.


HomeByMe lets your customers imagine their dream interior in the virtual world and delivers the professional design tools to bring it to life, all packaged up in a cloud-based e-commerce platform. This is a true consumer-first, omnichannel experience that lets you meet your customers where they are.

Personalized experiences

Companies that excel at personalization generate 40% more revenue compared to those who don’t. In the home sector, customers want to explore styles, materials and finishes, and design personalized products to fit their space, decor and budget (source: McKinsey & Company).


HomeByMe Enterprise delivers all the capabilities to deliver customized kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces. Customers explore your product catalogue in exciting new ways, virtually customize their dream interior and generate a true virtual twin of the intended result – scaled to fit their own space. We help you achieve best-in-class personalized experiences.  

Upskilled salesforce

Digital skills are now required for 79% of retail jobs, yet 62% of company managers say they can’t get people with the right experience (source: BRC). Forward-thinking companies proactively train and reskill their workers to be adaptable. But what if you invest in technology that makes it even easier to bring your sales associates up to speed?


HomeByMe is designed for anyone to use with little to no training, and that includes your customers. The result: your staff quickly becomes at ease using the platform to engage with customers and sell products; and they can seamlessly switch between roles in your business, selling kitchens one day and bathrooms the next.

Remote consulting

Did you know that 88% of customers rate experience just as highly as the products a company sells (source: Salesforce)? For home and furniture companies, online interior design and remote consulting services can be a real value add. Deliver the personal and creative experience your customers want, and support them to buy bespoke kitchens, bathrooms, storage and furniture online.


HomeByMe has all the hallmarks of a professional design service. We guide your customers to virtually create and configure perfect interior solutions for their individual space. One 3D design and retail platform connects you at every stage of the buying journey.

Cost control

Rising inflation, skyrocketing material and energy costs, supply chain disruptions and curbed consumer spending all put huge pressure on profit margins. It’s forcing retailers and manufacturers to scrutinize their pricing strategies as they look to squeeze the most value out of every sale.


Kitchen, bathroom and furniture retailers need to be able to quickly adjust prices across different categories and ranges as the market continues to fluctuate. They need complete visibility of their stock and clear insight into consumer buying behaviors to see what sells. And they need to be able to offer attractive discounts and promotions to close sales fast. HomeByMe delivers all the capabilities to manage this and more.

Faster delivery

Are you feeling the pressure to market and deliver new products to your customers faster than ever before? You’re not alone. Trend-driven consumers see their homes as an extension of their fashion lifestyles and want to regularly change up their interiors and renovate their kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces.


Companies are responding by broadening their product catalogues, introducing new ranges and optimizing supply chains to reduce lead times. How to keep track of it all? Well, you need a platform like HomeByMe, which keeps your portfolio up to date, automatically generates new content across all channels, and supports you to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently.

Our world-leading platform in numbers

Wondering why you should choose HomeByMe? We’ll let our numbers do the talking.

28 million

people use our solutions.

137 countries

have explored HomeByMe.

7 billion euros

of transactions every year.

3D web-based solutions adapted for each market segment

Our solutions address every step of the decision-making process and are uniquely developed for each home sector.

From online 3D space planning to product configuration, our solutions help you digitally transform your business

Whether you are a brand, retailer or manufacturer, benefit from the only platform made for delivering extraordinary consumer experiences.

Style Configurator > HomeByMe Enterprise > Dassault Systemes
Style Configurator
Inspire consumers with spectacular interior designs they can personalize in a 3D environment. Style any room according to their individual preferences: kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. Manage the exploration, styling and configuration process online or in store for your customers and sales.
Product Configurator > HomeByMe Enterprise
Product Configurator
Remarkable personalization experiences to match your customers’ individual style preferences, from colors and materials to shapes and finishes. Consumers and sales explore and customize true-to-life virtual products and visualize them within the home, instilling confidence in purchase decisions and converting leads into sales.
Kitchen planner > HomeByMe Enterprise > Dassault Systemes
Kitchen Planner
The most intuitive and easy to use kitchen design and 3D planning solution for consumers and sales. Accelerate sales cycles and deliver personalized, installation-ready kitchens with HomeByMe Kitchen Planner.
Bathroom planner > HomeByMe Enterprise > Dassault Systemes
Bathroom Planner
Straightforward and intuitive bathroom design and 3D planning for consumers and sales. HomeByMe Bathroom Planner accelerates sales cycles and inspires your customers to create their dream bathroom.
Storage planner > HomeByMe Enterprise > Dassault Systemes
Storage Planner
Cloud-based design and 3D planning software that differentiates you in the market, demonstrates your interior design credentials and connects sales and customers at every stage of the storage buying journey. HomeByMe Storage Planner creates perfect storage solutions and a bespoke consumer and sales experience to match.
Furniture and Decor planner > HomeByMe Enterprise > Dassault Systemes
Furniture and Decor Planner
Bring your product catalogue to life in the virtual world and let customers and sales design and configure furniture, decor and home interiors in 3D. HomeByMe Furniture and Decor Planner is the only cloud-based 3D design and planning solution you need to create customized products in minutes and show exactly how they will look in customers’ homes.
Retail Operations > HomeByMe Enterprise
Retail Operations
Manage every aspect of the sales cycles online with a solution fully adapted to your home sector. Our powerful cloud-based sales operations manager handles everything from cost estimates and ordering to delivery.

The future of retail: an exclusive consumer survey report, backed by unique insights

We asked a panel of consumers across Europe and the US about their shopping behaviors and the types of experiences they value and expect from retailers today.

Discover our findings in this exclusive report, backed by informative observations from retail expert Steve Collinge and 3DVIA CEO and founder of HomeByMe Vincent Picou.


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