DISCAC deploys HomeByMe 3D design solutions

Discac combines expertise and innovation by offering its retailers the best of 3D design and online sales management through the deployment of HomeByMe solutions by Dassault Systèmes.

Discac announces the deployment of HomeByMe Kitchen Planner and HomeByMe Retail Operations’ solutions. With Dassault Systèmes' HomeByMe solutions, Discac aims to simplify kitchen design for retailers, making them accessible to both kitchen specialists and non-specialized retailers.

Simplified and intuitive kitchen design

For over 30 years, Discac has become a key player in the French market for kitchen and bathroom manufacturers, thanks to its affordable pricing and quick turnaround. The company, with its human-scale approach, places digitalization at the core of its business strategy, continuously differentiating itself through service. This innovative approach offers a new perspective on kitchen design and distribution in the market.

With the HomeByMe Kitchen Planner solution, Discac retailers can now benefit from a user-friendly and intuitive kitchen design and visualization tool, powered by artificial intelligence. In only 10 minutes, they can create highly accurate kitchen projects with photorealistic 3D renderings - an undeniable commercial advantage.

A global offering covering all stages of the sales process

Furthermore, the HomeByMe Retail Operations centralizes business activities, providing sales management capabilities including quotes, orders, deliveries, and integrated sales and statistical analysis. With HomeByMe, Dassault Systèmes offers the most comprehensive market offering for retailers, covering the entire customer journey from inspiration to sales, until after-sales service.

Driving digital transformation for all retailers

As a French manufacturer of assembled furniture, Discac is one of the pioneers in using HomeByMe solutions. Discac aims to democratize these solutions, allowing kitchen and furniture retailers, as well as real estate specialists, to benefit from next-generation omnichannel solutions to meet their customers' and designers’ needs. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the manufacturer's digital transformation journey, offering comprehensive, powerful, and accessible solutions for every type of client, including non-specialists in the kitchen industry.

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