Retail Operations

Manage every aspect of the sales cycles online with a solution fully adapted to your home sector. Our powerful cloud-based sales operations manager handles everything from cost estimates and ordering to delivery.

Top kitchen and furniture players manage their sales cycles with HomeByMe Retail Operations

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The new way to manage sales

Retail Operations is your best ally to manage your points of sale and keep your furniture and kitchen business running perfectly. It’s time to remove manual sales processes: automate cost estimates, customer orders, delivery scheduling and aftersales service, all online in a matter of clicks. Free up sales to concentrate on delivering the best customer experience and empower managers to monitor results and track ROI.

100% web-based and easy-to-use interface

With a fully online and intuitive solution, get your sales team up to speed with minimal training.  Wherever your sales and store managers are, they simply open a web page and connect to Retail Operations to access their data. They don’t need to install anything on their computer.

End-to-end sales cycle management from quote to delivery

For designers, installers, manufacturers and delivery workers. From the moment the customer enters the store to the final delivery signature, Retail Operations guarantees a rigorous follow up and lets you effectively manage what is essential: your customers.​ Handle everything from customer leads and quotations to claims management within an integrated environment.

A single online environment for both sales and managers

Manage all sales functions in one place. Gain an overview of all sales and store-related data, prospects and customers within a single database. Whoever connects at any point, they always access the most up-to-date information.  

Manage sales performance at your fingertips

Your sales force can quickly and easily get administrative tasks done and spend more time delivering an exceptional customer experience. Your store managers, heads of franchise, or heads of retail can also access the platform to monitor performance, make the right decisions, and ensure the growth of your business.

The benefits of HomeByMe Retail Operations

With its clear workflows, role-based access and intuitive data management dashboards, our solution helps you manage your sales and retail operations. Discover how it supports effective decision-making and accelerates sales cycles with a consistent and transparent buying experience.

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Keep your points of sale on track

Proactively follow up on leads, projects, sales queries, claims and delivery scheduling. Automatically generate quotes and invoices, check the status of customer orders and manage delivery schedules.

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Improve customer relationships

A continuous sales process keeps customers informed from the moment they start a new project to the day their order is delivered. This creates a strong customer relationship and increases loyalty.

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Boost productivity

Save time by avoiding manual quote and invoice generation and data administration. Sales can optimize their time and focus on delivering the fastest and most memorable customer experience.

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Easily manage your 3D content

Retail Operations manages and industrializes the process of digitizing your product catalogs in 3D, giving you full control at all times.

Discover more features and functionality included in Retail Operations

Nine different roles supported

Role-based access covering nine different levels provides the access rights and functionality individual users need across your business.

A global solution

We support multiple languages and currencies. This lets you easily manage discounts, promotions, taxes, localized products and region-specific variations.

Perfect integration with your systems

HomeByMe Retail Operations integrates smoothly with your ERP and CRM systems to become a digital representation of your entire business.

Easy to run and deploy

Fully web based, your sales team simply connects online and accesses all the information they need. All data is updated live, limiting the risk of pricing errors and facilitating sales operations management.

The future of retail: an exclusive consumer survey report, backed by unique insights

We asked a panel of consumers across Europe and the US about their shopping behaviors and the types of experiences they value and expect from retailers today.

Discover our findings in this exclusive report, backed by informative observations from retail expert Steve Collinge and 3DVIA CEO and founder of HomeByMe Vincent Picou.

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