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The most intuitive and easy to use kitchen design and 3D planning solution for consumers and sales. Accelerate sales cycles and deliver personalized, installation-ready kitchens with HomeByMe Kitchen Planner.

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3D planning that gets results

Our web-based 3D kitchen planner is the simplest space planning solution on the market. Available on any device, it is intuitive for consumers and sales to use and easy for retailers to deploy. Built-in automatic design proposals help consumers and sales design a kitchen in minutes. Kitchen retailers and manufacturers use it to elevate the online and in-store kitchen buying experience and bring their customers’ ideas to life, resulting in error-free, purchase-ready kitchen projects.

Create inspiring images in seconds on the cloud

Bring stunning kitchen projects to life through high-quality photo-realistic visuals, rendered directly in the cloud, available to share on all social media platforms.

The most intuitive and easy to use planner

With HomeByMe Kitchen Planner, guide your customers through a simple step-by-step design process and let them visualize their dream kitchen in 3D. Within 10 minutes, your customers turn ideas into complete kitchen design proposals.

Get kitchen designs right with our smart engine and automatic proposals

You don’t need to be an expert to create perfect kitchens. Our planning algorithm automatically generates kitchen design and layout recommendations. It flags design issues and constraints based on artificial intelligence, leading to error-free kitchen designs that are ready to buy and install.

A single interface for consumers and vendors delivering the best omnichannel experience

Consumers, kitchen designers and sales associates engage via the same 3D planning solution in the cloud, remotely and in store. Consumers can start their project online from the comfort of their home and access their kitchen project wherever they are, giving them the option to purchase at home or finalize their order in store.

The benefits of HomeByMe Kitchen Planner

Discover why HomeByMe Kitchen Planner is the perfect fit for your business and what makes our solution the best in the industry. Learn how we can help you elevate the design and buying experience, and empower your customers to virtually create their dream kitchen.

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Accelerate the sales cycle

Within minutes, online customers and in-store sales turn ideas into unique and stylish kitchen designs, scaled to millimeter precision to fit individual homes. Save time for busy consumers and accelerate sales.

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Minimal training for your sales force

Our solution was conceived for consumers. It embeds kitchen business rules that automatically flag design issues in real time, guaranteeing error-free kitchen projects. Your sales force won’t need extensive, in-person training.

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Provide a seamless buying journey

Transform purchase decision-making into a seamless process and give consumers and sales the same web-based solution, accessible anytime and anywhere. This engaging omnichannel experience instills buying confidence at every stage.

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Increase conversion rates

HomeByMe Kitchen planner helps to generate more customer engagement, supports web-to-store strategies by driving online traffic into physical outlets, and converts design projects into sales.

Discover more features and functionality included in HomeByMe Kitchen Planner

100% web-based and multi-device support

Available on all devices – desktop, tablet, smartphone. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. It is the most simple planner for consumers and sales to use and for retailers to deploy.

Embedded business rules and intelligence

Our automated kitchen design engine includes more than 110 smart kitchen business rules, creating error-free, installation-ready kitchen designs every time.

Cloud-based architecture

One cloud-based solution, accessible at anytime with an internet connection for both consumers and sales. No need for additional IT investment, it plugs seamlessly into the existing buying journey.

Autonomous content management

Accurate product catalogues and clear pricing keep kitchen projects on track, avoid unwanted surprises, and boost customer satisfaction.

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We asked a panel of consumers across Europe and the US about their shopping behaviors and the types of experiences they value and expect from retailers today.

Discover our findings in this exclusive report, backed by informative observations from retail expert Steve Collinge and 3DVIA CEO and founder of HomeByMe Vincent Picou.

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