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Style Configurator

Inspire consumers with spectacular interior designs they can personalize in a 3D environment. Style any room according to their individual preferences: kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. Manage the exploration, styling and configuration process online or in store for your customers and sales.

Personalized style at your customers’ fingertips

In a matter of clicks, your customers can experiment with and visualize their dream interior, changing products, colors, materials, walls and flooring – personalizing home interiors has never been so quick and easy. Style Configurator creates an engaging virtual design experience, online or in store, to facilitate customer interactions and help them discover their style preferences, refine their ideas and finalize their home projects.

An omnichannel solution for customers and sales

From your website, store or showroom, both your customers and your sales associates can configure different styles in high definition. Show off every product and collection to inspire consumers from anywhere, at any time.

Transform the buying journey with interactive 3D experiences

Showcase your best products and styles and wow customers with inspirational ideas that they can interact with and adapt as a basis for their own designs. With high-quality 3D renderings, engage with customers at the inspiration level and then accelerate the buying decision-making process.

The benefits of Style Configurator

We make home design accessible and achievable, leading to satisfied customers, productive sales, and perfectly styled, purchase-ready home projects. Style Configurator elevates your business: it gives consumers new and exciting ways to decorate rooms, and it empowers sales to capture new leads and increase conversion rates.

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Save time with predefined style options

Customers select from pre-designed styles and configuration options. In just a few clicks, they can switch from one style to another, compare options and immediately see the results in 3D.

Style Configurator > HomeByMe Enterprise > Dassault Systemes

Accelerate the buying decision-making process

Prices and promotional discounts update in real time as customers adapt room styles to their preferences, and switch fixtures, fittings and finishes. This instills confidence in the decision-making process and accelerates sales.

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Upskill your sales force fast

This intuitive solution is made for consumers beginning projects online. But it is also perfectly adapted to your sales force: they don’t need any training and can quickly improve customer relationships through engaging shopping experiences.

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Replace physical photoshoots with virtual images

Transform your catalogues and product photography into stunning 3D interactive experiences thanks to our photorealistic rendering engine. Save time and money by generating high-quality images in the cloud within seconds.

Discover more features and functionality

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Unlimited style options

Approach consumers with inspiration and be the first to engage with them, helping them to browse and determine the styles they like, the functions they need, and imagine how everything might look in their home.

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Using the power of cloud

An accessible and transparent interface allows consumers to pick up from any point in the design journey whether at home or in store and amend each interior design project. All edits automatically save in the cloud.

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The most intuitive personalization experience

Starting with a pre-designed room, it’s simple for your customers to personalize every element and make it their own. They can switch between different layouts and modify colors, worktops, cabinets, flooring and more.

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Available on any device

This omnichannel experience enables any time, anywhere access across all channels, providing a creative environment for customers and sales associates to interact and share ideas.

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