10 questions to ask before selecting a 3D planning solution

For kitchen retailers looking to invest in the benefits of a 3D planning solution, we provide answers to key questions to set you on the right path.

3D planning technology should transform the design process for customers and generate value for retailers: whether this is by improving productivity, communication, efficiency or profitability. Ultimately, choosing the right technology can be a gamechanger for your business considering that digital first companies are 64% more likely to have exceeded their top business goals. So, for kitchen retailers looking for a new 3D planning solution, we provide a list of the key considerations and differentiators you should look for when deciding which solution will be the right fit for your business, your team and your customers.

Can your 3D planning solution integrate with vital systems?

Often, the importance of system integration can be inadvertently overlooked until it’s too late and you are facing a tangled web of uncooperating software and siloed data. Without system integration, retailers stand to lose efficiency, productivity and opportunity. So, ensuring your 3D planning solution will play nicely with your backend and legacy systems, such as payment, order fulfillment, inventory, logistics and CRM, will inevitably get you up and running quicker as well as improve performance and increase margins.

Does it support online sales?

The shift to selling kitchen furniture and appliances online is already underway. (Source: IbisWorld) With new ways to reach consumers, including the opportunity to design made-to-fit kitchens without even entering a showroom, supporting online sales is an important feature that your 3D planning solution needs to offer. To get ahead of the curve, retailers should look for an online solution that incorporates features such as real-time pricing, inbuilt NKBA-based business rules and true to life, highly accurate 3D plans that inspire confidence and autonomous sales.

Can it be used to support in-store sales?

Facilitating an omnichannel shopping experience is vital to a seamless, end-to-end customer journey across channels, especially as 86% of consumers now expect retailers to know them as they switch from channel to channel. (Source: Gladly) With a cloud-based 3D planning solution, retailers can support both online and in-store functionality to accelerate the sales cycle, while providing a rich source of data to inform customer acquisition and retention strategies.

How does the user experience differ?

Your customers need a UX that delivers the wow factor if it is to retain their attention and fulfill its potential as a direct portal to more sales and greater engagement. This means intuitive functionality that is visually superior down to the smallest detail. Look for a fully interactive solution that allows customers to easily jump back and forth throughout design stages; that is CAD-free to promote seamless and quick transition between 2- and 3D design; that is quick with super slick integration; and that produces exciting HD renders of complete, sales-ready kitchens. It’s all about inspiring confidence in your customers and providing your business with a futureproof approach to kitchen sales.

Will it be fit for my brand?

Maintaining brand consistency is important for retailers. With a white-label solution, you can create a unique 3D planning experience that you can call your own. Every element of the interface can be customized to fit your branding and website, but with the opportunity to take full advantage of an expert solution.

What happens if I have a technical issue?

You should look for a 3D planning solution that gives you access to a dedicated team with 24×7 support for any technical problems or queries. With the HomeByMe Kitchen Planner 3D planning solution, spare the expense of hiring and training in-house technicians. With access to experts at all times, you can count on a team that will fix any issue before it becomes a problem that may cause downtime or affect the customer experience.

Is it scalable?

When your business grows, it’s important that your technology has the capacity to grow with it. The right 3D planning solution can accommodate and facilitate growth without the overheads. Examples of this are helping react to fluctuations in demand and even support expansion into new geographies, all of which can be reached with an agile, cloud-based, omnichannel business model.

Is the solution easy to install and how quickly will it be up and running?

Look for an installation process that is well tested. You should be prepared to invest time into digitalizing your catalog as this is the most time intensive part of the journey to 3D, but a process that involves clear steps will help minimize and manage your involvement most effectively.

How do you manage the digitalization of my catalog?

For any new client that adopts the HomeByMe Kitchen Planner 3D planning solution, there’s a structured, measured three-stage design process that needs to be followed and which you can find out more about, here. This is a process that happens in tandem with HomeByMe Kitchen Planner being integrated onto your website. Cutting down retailer involvement and taking away the heavy lifting in this way will make the overall onboarding and implementation of your catalog seamless.

  1. How can I measure return on my investment?

For kitchen retailers, a 3D planning solution can be far more than a guided lead generation configurator or piece of marketing collateral. Kitchen retailers must adopt technology that adds genuine value to their online and in-store shopping experience. A 3D planning solution should deliver ROI through a combination of reduced operating costs and increased revenue – the sum of aggregated marginal gains from across all areas of the kitchen or home retail business. With the right solution, you should be able to bring more value to current and prospective customers at a reduced cost, keeping them engaged and accelerating the sales cycle.

Asking these key questions in your search for a 3D planning solution will ensure the one you choose supports and enhances every area of your business. 

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