Cut through the noise: for kitchen retailers, a 3D planning solution can help strengthen advertising and optimize budget in three key ways.

Beautiful and inspiring visuals are key to kitchen retailers’ sales and marketing strategies and central to advertising, but with global advertising spend reaching new heights, it is becoming increasingly difficult to execute a successful, standout campaign and to measure its results. Now, more than ever, kitchen retailers need to optimize spend and deliver ROI. But to do so requires a more connected, omnichannel approach to the customer journey.


Utilizing the HomeByMe for Kitchen Retailers 3D planning solution, kitchen retailers can complement their advertising strategies with lifelike renders and increase social engagement with customer-created designs. Underpinned by inbuilt data analytics on the latest trends and preferences, retailers can also realign marketing spend towards more personalized outreach over and above generic ad spend that can risk falling into the internet abyss.


Applying lifelike renders


With the HomeByMe for Kitchen Retailers 3D planning solution, hyper-realistic renders of new or on-trend kitchen designs are quick and easy to create, resulting in lifelike images that can be integrated into catalogs, advertisements and other marketing activity at a fraction of the cost. Just as customers can use the solution to create inspiring and sales-ready designs of their dream kitchens, retailers can utilize HomeByMe’s 3D planning technology to create beautiful visuals that capture their customers’ imaginations and encourage them into store.


With the functionality to customize every aspect of design, kitchen retailers can create a much larger bank of images to draw from that can also help prevent ad saturation. From personalizing the room layout, lighting, even the scene outside the window, to all aspects of kitchen design including the walls, flooring and furnishings, right through to the minutest detail of handles and finishes – any alteration is possible. In need of granite countertops instead of black? Want to reposition items around the room? There’s no need to start from scratch – all of the functionality is there for retailers to make instant changes to reflect evolving trends or different audiences.


Of course, lifestyle shots will remain an important asset of kitchen retailers, but in combination with lifelike renders, there is the option to scale the number of shoots required without compromising on quality or scope. Crucially, HomeByMe for Kitchen Retailers is a web-based solution that is at a user’s disposal whenever required. This way, images can also be created quickly and remotely for campaigns and communications that are more reactive in their approach.


Tapping into user insight


According to a report by Kantar, a growing number of shoppers are experiencing ad fatigue as a result of ad saturation and over-targeting, which is putting campaigns at increasing risk. For the desired result, it is now more important than ever that communications are interactive and grounded in customer insight to avoid bombarding a retailer’s customer base with too much of the same information, or with information that isn’t relevant.


The HomeByMe for Kitchen Retailers solution, which can be integrated with CRM systems, unlocks a wealth of data into how users are interacting with the technology, which can be used to identify emerging trends and to personalize communications to user needs. This information can, in turn, be used to inform the most popular products and styles, to make decisions on the concept kitchen designs to create and promote, and to influence content shared on a national or individual scale. 71% of consumers reportedly feel frustrated if their shopping experience is impersonal, but by monitoring user interactions online, retailers can begin to build a profile of each customer or demographic to help ensure they are providing the content that users really want.


Within the platform itself, this data can be used to complement advertising efforts and speed up the sales cycle; visitors to the store or website can use the platform to experiment with their designs and ideas, and visualize their dream kitchen using their exact room dimensions. Meanwhile, the solution can provide these users with helpful alerts to ensure sales-ready plans free from errors or complications, while opening up the opportunity for cross-selling and upselling opportunities by presenting relevant or popular product alternatives. By acquiring data at every touchpoint, retailers can also maintain contact with those users who leave their designs incomplete or who are yet to make a purchase, with personalized email marketing campaigns.


Leveraging user-generated content


It isn’t often that retailers find themselves with a bank of creative, user-generated content at their disposal. However, with the HomeByMe for Kitchen Retailers 3D planning solution, consumers can become extraordinary kitchen designers and create and exchange their project ideas with the online community. This not only gives retailers visibility of what their consumers want, but it also provides them with extra content for marketing purposes. With 50% of consumers finding user-generated content more memorable than generic ads, kitchen retailers can also rely on their customers’ renders to authenticate the buying experience.


Users can share their inspirational designs – featuring the retailer’s exact product lines – with friends and family on social media. At the same time, these can be leveraged by retailers who can do the same across their own channels to create a buzz and encourage engagement. In doing so, retailers are also acquiring insight straight from the hearts and the minds of their customers in an organic, engaging and non-intrusive way. With user-generated content prompting a 5x higher click through rate than normal ads, consumers are even more likely to trust and engage with content produced by their peers – which the HomeByMe for Kitchen Retailers 3D planning solution provides at a marketer’s fingertips.




With a web-based 3D planning solution, kitchen retailers can enhance the customer journey from end to end, with a visually superior solution that enables customers to successfully design their kitchen at home, and then pick it back up with a sales professional instore. Kitchen retailers benefit from greater customer satisfaction and an accelerated sales cycle as a result. But more than this, they gain access to a wealth of data and additional customer touchpoints that can be used to optimize budgets across the business, inform successful sales, marketing and advertising content, and increase their rates of conversion.

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