Storage Planner

Cloud-based design and 3D planning software that differentiates you in the market, demonstrates your interior design credentials and connects sales and customers at every stage of the storage buying journey. HomeByMe Storage Planner creates perfect storage solutions and a bespoke consumer and sales experience to match.

3D planning that gets results

Plan, design and configure storage easily, within minutes. HomeByMe Storage Planner is the only space planning solution on the market that simplifies the online and in-store storage buying experience for consumers and sales. Automated design proposals bring customers’ ideas to life in 3D and embedded business rules help to create error-free storage designs.

Share inspiring storage projects in the cloud

Inspire your customers with high-quality, photo-realistic visuals. Quickly render storage designs in the cloud and use them to create image galleries and share on all social media platforms.

Storage planning becomes user friendly and accessible with HomeByMe Storage Planner

HomeByMe Storage Planner guides your customers at every stage to design the perfect storage to fit their room and maximize their space. In just a few minutes, they can create a storage design proposal, visualize it in 3D in their own home and finalize their purchase.

Build error-free storage using our planning engine

Our planning algorithm uses artificial intelligence to flag design issues and storage-specific constraints. It’s perfect for design novices as it automatically generates design and layout recommendations, leading to error-free storage projects that are ready to buy and install.

One omnichannel experience for consumers and vendors

Because consumers can access their storage project from wherever they are, they have the option to begin the design process at home and finalize it in store. Sales use the same 3D planning solution in the cloud to provide support and sell complete installation-ready storage.

The benefits of HomeByMe Storage Planner

HomeByMe Storage Planner has all the functionality you need to deliver the best storage design and planning experience. Discover how this market-leading solution transforms sales and reimagines the storage buying journey to boost customer satisfaction and deliver unique, purchase-ready storage designs for individual homes.

Discover more features and functionality included in HomeByMe Storage Planner

Accessible online across all devices

Connect to the simplest planner online – all you need is a web browser and internet connection. Consumers and sales tap into the same solution on the device of their choice, including desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Artificial intelligence for error-free designs

Our storage design engine with integrated smart business rules automatically flags design issues and constraints. Customers can only buy manufacturable storage setups.

Powered by the cloud and available 24/7

Consumers and sales access the cloud-based solution anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. Everything plugs seamlessly into the existing buying journey and requires no additional IT investment.

Easily manage product updates

Keep storage product catalogues up to date and display clear pricing. Transparent product information helps to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the risk of returned goods.

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