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Creating smart and stylish storage solutions shouldn’t be complicated. Demonstrate your interior style credentials and differentiate yourself from the competition with the most comprehensive storage design and e-commerce solution on the market.

At Gautier, our store associates are not only salespeople. They are trained to become interior designers who enrich customers’ projects. HomeByMe enables them to perform their roles even better.

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David Soulard
CEO of Gautier

Global transformation drivers affecting the storage industry

Demand is on the rise for fitted storage solutions, closets, dressing rooms and built-in office spaces tailored to your customers’ individual homes, and they need personal and creative interior design services to help them bring their ideas to life and maximize their space. Just as they’ve welcomed digital into most aspects of their lives, so too are consumers willing to receive remote consulting and buy bespoke storage online. It’s a trend happening across the wider retail industry as spending shifts online. E-commerce sales are now worth more than US$5.2 trillion worldwide and growing (Source: Statista). To secure wallet share, storage retailers need digital solutions that demonstrate their interior design credentials and connect them with their customers at every stage of the buying journey.

Today, the most successful selling strategies are the ones that combine online and in-store experiences. Consumers expect it too: 48% prefer hybrid shopping and want to be able to fluidly moving from screen to store throughout the buying journey (Source: Forbes). To ease the decision-making process, leading storage companies have developed strong web-to-store design and purchase strategies that meet customers where they are and empower sales to collaborate with them at every stage to solve their specific storage requirements. They support customers to explore and design storage systems online, see exactly how it will all look in their home and have a clear idea of costs before they come into the store to finalize their purchase.

Consumers want functional yet beautiful storage solutions that blend into their living room, bedroom or hallway, and require a design approach that lets them put together unique combinations to suit their space. It requires storage companies to tailor their offering to meet consumers’ individual needs and deliver transparent pricing and stock information. This is more important than ever when you consider that over 70% of consumers expect personalization and over three-quarters get frustrated when this doesn’t happen (Source: McKinsey). With strong digital strategies, storages companies are better equipped to understand their customers’ needs and deliver effective sales and marketing strategies that lead to successful outcomes, satisfied, loyal customers and drive 40% more revenue.

Get ready to disrupt the market

The future of storage retail and e-commerce is here, led by three key developments

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Omnichannel solutions

Consumers expect anytime, anywhere shopping experiences, leading to a greater need for omnichannel sales strategies.

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Web-to-store strategies

The decision-making process begins online, yet most purchases are finalized in store, putting web-to-store strategies in the spotlight.

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Personalized experiences

Full personalization is expected at every stage of the buying journey, from inspiration to purchase.

HomeByMe Storage Experience supports customers and sales from planning to purchase

Our world-leading, cloud-based solution covers 3D storage planning, style configuration, and sales operations management to deliver a truly seamless buying journey.

Consumers explore storage styles in an interactive way

Inspire customers to personalize their perfect storage solution with realistic imagery. Create storage layouts for bedrooms, living rooms and offices, and let customers imagine how it will look like in their home, complete with the right materials, décor, walls and floor color, before making their purchase.

Develop designs within 3D floorplans

Customers try out different storage combinations in context of a floor map, complete with measurements in inches or millimeters. Prices update automatically as they switch styles and add or remove components to create the perfect storage set up to fit their unique space.

Empower your customers and sales to customize

Easily add and swap elements from frames and doors to handles, legs and shelving. Customers are shown exactly which parts they can edit, how changes impact the price, and see how their new storage system will look in their home. There are no limits to their creativity.

Full control of your sales orders and operations

Sales handle everything from cost estimates to delivery scheduling within an integrated environment, backed by clear, standardized workflows for an effective and consistent customer experience.

Four reasons to choose HomeByMe Storage Experience

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World leader in 3D innovation for more than 40 years

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Strong storage expertise and support

Number three > HomeByMe Enterprise > Dassault Systemes

Omnichannel buying experience with proven results

Number four > HomeByMe Enterprise > Dassault Systemes

Clear product vision and roadmap

HomeByMe Storage Experience

Storage Experience: a suite of products tailored to the needs of storage retailers.

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