A closer look at how the HomeByMe for Retailers 3D planning solutions are accelerating the customer loyalty loop.

3D planning enhances the customer decision journey as well as the relationship between sales staff and customers. Producing a positive, interactive experience throughout the design journey and purchase cycle will turn first time customers into vocal, loyal customers sure to comeback for their next home design project.

So, you might be asking how can 3D design planning solutions yield such positive results? Well, it comes from a combination of sales staff understanding their customer needs while prioritizing their entire experience. To further break it down, there are five key areas that must be focused on throughout the purchase journey:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Purchase
  4. Advocacy
  5. Retention

To find out the details about each area and how they all connect to accelerate customers through the customer loyalty loop, download our infographic below. For more information about how 3D planning can accelerate your sales cycle and grow your business, visit our Resource Center.

Transforming the customer decision journey

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