Hygena released a new innovative tool on the market. The ability to design your kitchen from your sofa is thanks to a space planning solution that includes a customer relationship management system. Once the kitchen has been created and the purchase finalized in store or by working with an advisor, Hygena promises a kitchen delivery within 15 days. Dominique Weber, President of WM88, gave us an interview and tells us about the collaboration between Hygena and Dassault Systèmes, that was key to the success of the project.

Hygena, a beautiful brand bought by WM88

Let’s start with some background information. WM88 acquired Hygena in 2019. The brand had been dormant for several years and Dominique Weber‘s ambition was to restore it to its former glory. How will this be achieved? By proposing a competitive and innovative concept ready to overshadow the largest kitchen seller in France: IKEA.

The idea is a guided and facilitated design. The consumer can create his kitchen from home by going to the Hygena website or go directly to the store to be assisted by a salesperson who will use the same tool. 30 minutes of design and a delivery within 15 days at home or on-site. Attractive! “We are not on the same market as the great kitchen designers who make everything to measure with a great depth of range for example. We have chosen a more restricted list of materials to keep our promise of quality manufacturing and delivery within 15 days. Our kitchens are affordable. For 2 to 4,000€, including appliances and custom worktop, you have a kitchen kit that once assembled, has everything of a great kitchen! “explains Dominique Weber.

A timely online project

Dominique Weber has had the idea of this kitchen configurator concept in mind for quite some time. He explains: “it’s always a question of having a rather digital and multi-channel approach between the physical point of sale and online sales“.

The project includes two HomeByMe solutions part of the Kitchen Experience: the Kitchen planner and Retail Operations (CRM and points of sale management).

After 3 years of collaborative work and in spite of a difficult context lately, the solution that allows you to create your kitchen online is available since the beginning of the month. Launch objective met.

The timing is somewhat ideal at a time when, due to confinement, consumers are turning more and more to online solutions for design, customization and purchase.

Collaboration for success

At Dassault Systèmes we are very proud of this collaboration. It is the culmination of months of work and the strengthening of our partnership with a growing actor in the Kitchen market.

We leave Dominique Weber with the final word: “It’s true that I think that this 3D planner and sales management tool articulation was a determining factor in the success of the project. It’s clear and unambiguous. We also dedicated a team to the project at Hygena and I believe that everyone was in their right place and that the success of the project is really due to this excellent collaborative work“.

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