From April 18 to April 23, 2023, all eyes were on Milan, the global capital of design. The Salone del Mobile (Furniture Fair) and Milan Design Week brought together industry giants in furniture and decoration design, from publishers to creators and international brands. The streets of the Lombard capital were filled with an unprecedented creative buzz, featuring spectacular exhibitions, artistic installations, and showrooms open to all. This huge event united world-renowned experts and passionate amateurs, all driven by their love for design.

Let's take a look back at these six days that left a lasting mark on the world of design, showcasing the latest trends and innovations in the furniture and decor sector.

An explosion of colors

Color-wise, the trend leans towards vibrant and joyful palettes, bidding farewell to the pastel colors that were unanimously popular in 2022. Warm hues such as terracotta, mustard, and emerald green have garnered significant attention from designers, adding warmth and sophistication to furniture and various decorative elements. Pink, orange, and blue are also key colors for interior design in 2024. While neutral colors like white and black still hold their place, particularly for sofas where bold color choices are less common, various shades of red have emerged as distinctive colors at the Salone del Mobile, used by several brands in different tones.

Focus outdoor

Post-pandemic, a new trend has emerged and has been visible during the Milan Design Week: the valorization of outdoor spaces, transforming balconies, patios, and gardens into true extensions of our homes. Design and furniture brands quickly responded to this need by offering innovative concepts that turn the terrace into a fully integrated space, perfectly harmonizing with the style of the living room and dining area. The trend is to gradually blur the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors, creating a seamless connection between living spaces.

Specialized outdoor furniture companies presented new products that highlight innovative and environmentally-friendly materials, such as 100% recyclable aluminum and wood. These creations, specifically designed for the outdoors, combine eco-friendly materials with synthetic fabrics that are both durable and pleasant to the touch. The Salone del Mobile 2023 showcased the growing importance of outdoor spaces and the continuous innovation by brands to meet this increasing demand.

Technology reinvents living spaces

The trend of digital integration in interior design revolves around seamlessly incorporating technology into the design of a home, for a more comfortable lifestyle. Smart lighting systems, programmable to adjust the color and intensity of light according to mood or needs, made a significant impact at the Salone del Mobile 2023. Additionally, the emergence of other smart home devices was notable at the Salone Del Mobile exhibition. These devices, including thermostats, lighting systems, security systems, and even furniture, can be controlled remotely through smartphones or voice assistants. The future trend aims to create fully connected "smart homes," from connected light bulbs to remotely controlled blinds and high-tech sofas.

More responsible materials

Following the sustainability-focused 2022 edition, this year's event emphasizes the environment and ecology due to the global issue of the climate crisis. Exhibitors at the Salone del Mobile presented furniture made from certified recycled wood or cardboard, eco-friendly paints, and a minimal presence of plastic in the 2023 edition. Designers showcased the use of natural and sustainable materials such as stone or linen. Bamboo and organic cotton are other examples of eco-responsible materials preferred by designers. In terms of sustainability, multiple innovations also revolved around outdoor lighting. Installations powering outdoor lamps, located in gardens or on terraces, increasingly incorporate energy-saving technologies such as motion sensors or solar panels. The Salone del Mobile 2023 truly highlighted the importance of limiting environmental impact, which has become a major concern for the future of design.

The memorable return of Euroluce

This year marked the return of Euroluce, the international lighting exhibition, after a four-year absence. Among the innovations presented at Euroluce 2023, the talk was about « Smart Lighting », a recent technology revolutionizing the lighting industry. With wireless connectivity, lighting devices can be controlled via mobile devices, making them smart and customizable according to user needs and the surrounding environment. There was a notable increase in low-consumption, highly efficient LED lamps at the exhibition. More and more designers are transforming lamps into true decorative objects to be placed on tables, desks, or in gardens. Furthermore, customization takes center stage, with wall lamps becoming more flexible, featuring elements that can be disassembled and reassembled, allowing for personal interpretation. Lighting designers paid particular attention to combining aesthetics and technology. Meticulous finishes, lightweight materials, and opaque or transparent structures were used to create adjustable and extendable table lamps and floor lamps. Designers aimed to blur the boundaries between decorative and technical lighting, offering fully customizable lighting solutions adaptable to both interior and exterior decoration. These trends reflect the constant innovations in lighting, particularly in sustainability, connectivity, and personalization.

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