2020 has changed the customer experience in store and online. Discover how to reimagine the customer journey with a 3D design planning experience.

Today’s sales professionals have to not only be a specialist, but a person of many hats, one that can advise at any stage of the increasingly complex home design experience. However, becoming an expert source for the customer’s 3D planning experience makes a salesperson’s job easier by rolling all those hats into one. What’s more, the salesperson can use the 3D planning experience for a tailored shopping experience for each customer that can be picked up where it left off via the solution’s multichannel capabilities.

The HomeByMe for Home Retailers 3D planning solution helps salespersons achieve the perfect fit with customers design dreams in their homes. The ability to adapt quickly to each customer’s specific needs with a tailored fit enhances customer satisfaction, leading to loyal customers and reduced returns in addition to other benefits.

Discover the many hats a salesperson must wear for an optimum customer experience and how the 3D planning experience from the HomeByMe for Home Retailers 3D planning solution can enhance each skill and personalize the customer journey.

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Reimagining the in store experience

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