What consumers want from their kitchen and furniture buying experience: the latest global trends

A key priority for consumers when buying kitchens or home furniture is to enjoy the process while reducing stress.

Recent research conducted by HomeByMe asked consumers across the US, UK, and France about their buying preferences. Across all markets, a desire for convenience stood out over anything else. 

But our research also revealed how expectations differ from country to country.

Here's what you need to know.

Which factors do consumers consider when selecting a brand or retailer?

Across every market, three important factors for consumers when choosing a home brand or retailer to buy online from are:

  • A great website experience
  • Personalization
  • Envisioning their future home or kitchen online

For the European market in particular, the ability to design and visualize their room online quickly and easily is already an important part of that experience. In France, there’s an even greater expectation for personalized experiences, while consumers in the US place the biggest emphasis on a buying journey that enables faster delivery.

Which steps of their buying journey would consumers like to complete online?

The actions consumers most want to complete online when shopping for a new kitchen or furniture vary from country to country. 

Most consumers in the UK and the US want to conduct online research into available brands or retailers and costs, whereas this is only the case for half of the respondents in France. Here, in particular, many consumers are already looking for brands or retailers offering planning software or an app.

Many respondents in the UK and US are even ready to complete their entire purchase online, a relatively new phenomenon for this market. Where consumers used to prefer making physical store purchases, they’re now asking for the ability to buy high-ticket furniture items entirely online. There’s even an opportunity to integrate remote consulting for those that still need expert or designer advice.

Which steps of the buying journey are most enjoyable?

Consumers agree that designing and visualizing their new kitchen or furniture are the most enjoyable aspects of the buying journey. In the US especially, this means online experiences and the autonomy to create their own designs. 

Of all three markets, respondents in France are most likely to enjoy collaboration with sales professionals. Higher importance is also placed on the store in the UK, where 43% enjoy visiting them for inspiration. 

Consumers are becoming more comfortable with online shopping, but it doesn’t mean the end of the physical showroom. With a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, consumers are still seeking guidance for their purchasing decisions. Stores and showrooms must evolve to meet changing needs, embracing technology and providing a phygital experience that benefits both buyers and sellers.

Meeting consumer expectations across markets

Consumer demand for digital buying experiences is evolving quickly, but preferences differ from market to market. To stay ahead of expectations, retailers need to give customers the power to plan, design, and purchase on their terms, moving seamlessly between the website and store

This is where HomeByMe can help. 

Our powerful suite of omnichannel retail and 3D design solutions covers the entire consumer buying experience – from the initial inspiration phase to design, the finalization of the sale, and even the after-sales service.

Download our full report for more insight into the latest consumer buying preferences and omnichannel strategies.

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