Step by step: Key features of the HomeByMe Kitchen Planner 3D planning solution

The HomeByMe for Kitchen Planner 3D planning solution is equipped with a diverse range of features aimed at creating exceptional user experiences.

To help key decision makers identify which features are critical to their operations, we bring you a list of the most important to consider when selecting a new state-of-the-art 3D planning solution.

1. Give customers a head start with intuitive layouts

For users entering the design process, a blank canvas can actually be seen as a hurdle on the path to creativity. Help users kickstart the process by providing them with options to choose their preferred style, layout and even the positioning of white goods and appliances. Once this information has been added, the solution generates tailored template recommendations. Bypassing the early stages of assembling a working layout, these templates act as a great starting point for users. Consumers would usually head into store for this type of assistance, but instead, they can find it autonomously, and from the comfort of their homes.

2. Allow customers to design to every specification within just minutes

Our intelligent planning algorithm means that you can deliver millimeter precision with made-to-measure layouts customizable to each user’s exact room size. All your customer needs to do is input the dimensions of their current or future kitchen space. The system takes into account every detail from windows and doors to ledges and corners, allowing users to create a kitchen that really works in the actual space they have available. From here they can begin the real personalization. From flooring to the colour of the walls, the solution is responsive and simple enough to allow users to try out different options seamlessly until they find the right fit. No need to wait for frustrating renders and slow transitions between 2D and 3D.

3. Catch design errors early with intelligent business rules

Guide your customers to achieve compliant and accurate kitchens with inbuilt comprehensive business rules that flag any potential issues during design. These rules cover guidelines and regulations, such as the NKBA, to make customers aware of any installation changes they may have overlooked – an entry door interfering with the safe operation of an appliance, for example, or a sink not being located the right distance from a cooking surface. Violations of guidelines appear as alerts on screen immediately during design, ensuring compliant kitchens that are right first time and purchase ready. By avoiding the costly mistakes or surprises that would occur during site survey and installation, the solution allows consumers to confidently make a transaction. For retailers, this integration helps in-store consultations run more efficiently.

4. Inspire users with life-like 3D renders

For many consumers, kitchen redesign projects are high-value and hence stressful. Not being able to see exactly how their kitchens will appear in reality can cause consumers to delay or even abandon purchasing decisions. Eliminating this ‘imagination gap’ will encourage users to feel more confident in their designs and ultimately more willing to complete the sale. With the HomeByMe for Kitchen Planner 3D planning solution, users can accurately visualize their kitchen design dreams with beautiful true-to-life renders. 3D renders are an almost photographic depiction of what their kitchen will resemble in reality, offering a realistic view of how the chosen islands, cabinets and gadgets look within their kitchen space.

These 3D renders can also be downloaded and shared with friends and family for social validation. Not to mention, showcasing this user generated content on your own website or across your brand’s social media channels can be an effective way to engage with consumers and a source of initial inspiration to kickstart future customer journeys.

5. Provide transparent pricing-as-you-go

An essential component for any customer managing a budget is transparency. Too often, 3D planning solutions force consumers to wait until the final render is completed before generating a cost, or worse, force consumers to contact a sales expert to understand how much the kitchen they have painstakingly designed will cost them. If it is over budget, they need to start the entire process again – a frustrating exercise, and one that often leads to abandoned projects. Offering upfront pricing instead of forcing consumers to wait until the end of their design journey instills trust and can dramatically reduce the chance of cart abandonment.

The HomeByMe for Kitchen Planner 3D planning solution can be integrated with financial systems and catalogs to enable the total project cost to automatically update in real time. This provides each user with instant pricing information as they develop their project, permitting them to adhere to their budgets and compare different products at different price points.

For pricing-based marketing strategies, the solution can be integrated with your CRM system to implement discounts and promotions tailored to individual users. This information can be used to fuel remarketing campaigns and more based on the activity and engagements on your website.


A positive customer experience yields 20% higher satisfaction rates and can boost sales conversion by up to 15%. (Source: McKinsey) So, for kitchen retailers looking to make the move to the HomeByMe for Kitchen Planner 3D planning solution, the business benefits should be undeniable. The accuracy of designs created using a 3D planning solution ultimately encourage customers to be sales, and even installation, ready; and regardless of whether they choose to order online or come into store, they are already a qualified lead. With access to each customer’s journey and their designs, equip your sales teams with all the information required to optimize time and speed up the sale. What’s more, as well as enriching the sales process, these life-like designs remove any unpredictability ahead of installation, which will ultimately help to cut down on reverse logistics.

Empower your customers and let them design anytime from anywhere, safe in the knowledge that the designs they produce are accurate and error free. Streamlining the process in this way will dramatically shorten the sales cycle and gives you the opportunity to scale and take your business to the next level.

To further explore how our 3D planning solution could help you enhance the customer experience and streamline the purchase cycle, request a free demo.

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