How can your home retail business better engage with and retain customers? How can you speed up time-to-sale?

HomeByMe Furniture and Decor Planner combines a range of unique features to help transform your sales operations and deliver a customer experience like no other. Read our step by step guide to find out how.


Minimize errors with tools that enable accurate designs, every time

Customers looking to visualize their dream home layout want to know that their design will translate into reality. With HomeByMe Furniture and Decor Planner, empower every customer on their design journey by enabling them to input their exact room dimensions into the platform, before building their home layouts quickly and with ease. From here, they can use auto-decorating features to begin customizing their rooms in just a matter of minutes.

And there’s no need for them to know the scale of their intended home refurbishment at the outset of the project. With the “Add a Room” feature, customers can add or remove as many rooms as they want along the way – they can even update room measurements as they go. What’s more, with HomeByMe 3D planning technology, retailers can guarantee accurate design outcomes every time. The solution comes inbuilt with more than 200 design rules that will alert users to any health and safety issues or layout considerations.


Inspire users to become creators with automated proposals

Sometimes shopping happens by impulse, but with a home refurbishment, there is usually a lot more thought that goes into deciding which home furnishings to purchase. Customers might find the perfect sofa, table and lamp, but how can they know if those items look good when put together? Well, the key is to show, not tell. By providing a selection of prepopulated product sets and room styles for every corner of the home based on your current catalog, you can give users a dose of much sought after inspiration when they are in need of a kickstart. From here, customers can change up the style of floors and wall colors in order to fit the desired or current look of their homes. Not only will this dramatically cut down design time, but it will give consumers confidence in the end result of their dream redesign.


Bridge the gap between in-store and online experiences with 360-degree product views

Bring the in-store experience online; allow customers to browse and purchase individual products from all angles anytime during the purchase journey using the 360-degree product viewer. Customers can then pick up and place items from the catalog within their design until they find the perfect fit.

Price list integration takes this experience one step further. Users can “Add to Basket” and complete payment in just one click at any point in the design process, before picking back up where they left off, without the need to start from scratch every time.


Increase sales with dynamic shopping lists

Ensure your customers are not left with an unexpected bill when they reach checkout by offering real-time pricing capabilities that keep users up to date with the cost of their project every step of the way. This includes any current or ongoing discounts and promotions, which will be automatically updated in the customer’s basket, so that they can be confident their home refurbishments will be within budget when hitting “Buy”. These dynamic shopping lists are fully filterable; customers benefit from instant catalog updates featuring your newest product listings, which is a great opportunity for retailers to capitalize on cross-sell and upsell opportunities.


Paint an accurate picture with true to life HD renders

Provide users with a lifelike view of how their designs will look in reality with stunning 360-degree HD renders to immerse your customers in their dream homes. These downloadable designs can be saved, brought into store or alternatively shared with friends and family online using built-in social sharing options. Customers can then inspire their friends and families with designs that have been created exclusively from your catalog and brands, facilitating another path to purchase while boosting your brand’s social reach and reputation.


Shorten the sales cycle with sales-ready designs

In an omnichannel purchase journey, customers can either choose to buy online or bring their sales-ready designs to your store for validation and final purchase. By encouraging autonomous design, retailers can transform the sales experience for customers and increase speed of engagement, driving pre-qualified leads that will help sales teams to be more efficient and productive while increasing customer longevity.

With HomeByMe Retail Operations, customers can be sure their designs are accurate, fully costed, and shipment ready. If you want to find out more about our solution, get in touch with us.

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