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Discac chooses Dassault Systèmes' online 3D planning solution HomeByMe to accelerate e-commerce

  • HomeByMe enables Discac to simplify kitchen design and make it accessible to both specialists and general home retailers.
  • Discac differentiates itself through digital transformation, providing retailers with a complete solution to create, design, and visualize kitchens in 3D and also for managing sales via a single online interface.
  • This solution can be deployed on the websites of Discac's customers (retailers), who can choose to make it available to consumers, customized to their brand or used in its standard version.

Discac, one of the top five kitchen and bathroom manufacturers in France, is offering resellers the HomeByMe space planning and configuration solution to support them in designing and visualizing kitchens, as well as making and managing sales. The solution will be launched for retailers and independent dealers in January 2023.

Discac, a family-owned company founded in 1989, has modernized its offering and renewed its machinery in 2021 as part of its digitalization strategy. This consumer-friendly solution enables Discac to simplify the kitchen design process and make it accessible to both specialists and general home retailers.

HomeByMe's set of solutions, developed by the 3D world leader Dassault Systèmes, enables users with no prior training to create, design and visualize kitchens. Powerful software then collects all the design elements, completes the kitchen design, establishes a cost in real-time, edits purchase orders, and follows up with sales or enables after-sales actions.

"As of January 2023, the kitchen design stage will no longer be an obstacle to sales for Discac dealers. The HomeByMe solution from Dassault Systèmes has the advantages for kitchen designers as well as consumers with no prior experience: it is loaded with advanced features while being easy to use. Half of our customers are not specialists, and HomeByMe will make their work much easier," says Romain Langagne, Sales Director, Discac. "This 'full-web' solution meets a market need – design accessible to the professional or the consumer."

Users just need a browser and internet connection to design, customize, visualize, and make estimates with the HomeByMe solution. With Discac's rollout, the service is now available to B2C retailers of any size.

With HomeByMe, Dassault Systèmes offers the only comprehensive solution for retailers and resellers that covers the entire buying process for both consumers and vendors. From the inspiration phase to the finalization of the sale, and even after-sales service, this 100% online solution enables a web-to-store or web-to-web journey at the distributor's choice. Consumers can start creating their kitchen project from home and finish it in-store or online. Sales staff can access all components of the project at any time to modify or complete it or simply finalize the sale.

"HomeByMe is not reserved for large retailers. This omnichannel solution requires nothing more than an internet connection to operate. Our solution is easy to use, intuitive, and 100% cloud-based, avoiding heavy deployment and costly installations. Our business expertise has enabled us to integrate all the specific business rules for kitchens, greatly simplifying the design process for both vendors and consumers," said Vincent Picou, CEO of 3DVIA at Dassault Systèmes.

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