Written by Fanny DESBOIS

To kitchen designers, constantly short of time, chasing after projects and clients. You’re currently using improvised and often incompatible tools for each type of task. You’re obliged to link data from Excel spreadsheets, with kitchen plans drawn up using various graphic software packages, collecting quickly scribbled notes on the edge of a table. And you’re constantly wasting time. Our CRM is purpose built specifically designed to help save you time and will quickly prove to be the key enabler to your business.

Optimize to perform

A single tool to collect all the information essential to the daily life of a kitchen retailer. The CRM Retail Operations is designed to make all the data specific to the profession available in a single tool. It allows complete management of in-store activity, control of margins and monitoring of team performance through the use of customized dashboards developed according to the specific needs of your business. The contacts, prospects and customers are brought together in the same place to facilitate the management and the launching of common actions.

Who hasn’t dreamt of a tool that reduces the hours spent on administrative tasks? CRM is all about helping you optimize the time you are missing. It allows you to spend more time on sales and to realize a maximum of opportunities.

Moreover, to avoid the problems related to the installation of complex software that requires a lot of maintenance and must be implemented on each user’s computer, HomeByMe has developed a 100% web-based solution. You only need a link and login to access it from anywhere. That’s optimization !

Aperçu du tableau bord personnalisable de StoreManager.online

Retail Operations – a tried and trusted solution

The solution developed by HomeByMe benefits from over 20 years of existence in the business. A proven solution with over 5 000 users, constantly improving, multi-language and multi-currency, complete with a powerful and flexible reporting system, adapted to large multi-brand networks, franchises and groups.

Retail Operations is THE solution for kitchen retailers, conceived and adapted to the profession. It is integrated with the web reference software in the market: HomeByMe. Put simply, this means that the data from the user-created drawing or plan is directly imported into Retail Operations platform and a corresponding quotation is created automatically.

Broadly speaking, the solution covers management of the complete life cycle of a kitchen project. The tool is capable of generating clear and comprehensive customer quotations together with all the documents related to project management. All sales and purchasing documents required for the smooth running of the project are generated automatically.

Overview of the Retail Operations "sales data" dashboard

Specialising in CRM for kitchen retailers

Yes, a CRM, but not just any CRM. In a survey highlighted in one of our previous articles, “24% of respondents already using a CRM tool would like to change it. The reason? They are convinced by the technology but haven’t yet found the perfect tool for their needs. Proving that a good provider is the one with business expertise. One that adapts its solution to the issues it knows by heart and that fits exactly to the challenges encountered in the field. “A good CRM must be designed for a particular field, with the rules and specificities unique to each.”

HomeByMe endeavours to simplify your life by bringing together all the complexities of your business in a simple tool designed specifically for your activity. Over the years that we have been busy engaged with it, the kitchen sector holds no more secrets for us. Our CRM is specially designed to integrate and process all the business rules characteristic of kitchen professionals.

At HomeByMe we want to spend our time saving our clients’ time. Aesthetic, intuitive, we promise you a CRM that’ll have you falling off your chair Want to give it a try?

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