In this article, you will dive into a niche sector and immerse yourself in the world of luxury clothes hangers, the know-how and the sense of detail of these exceptional products. These so-called “accessory” objects are in fact at the center of a room that is gradually regaining its credentials: the dressing room. Laurent Gohé, founder of Authentiques Paris, tells us about them and his new digital project: the first interactive 3D configurator for clothes hangers.

The luxury hanger, a market that just needs to be digitized

The dressing room, a new focus for interior design

Who said the world of hangers wasn’t sexy? The dressing room, for a while relegated to the vulgar role of closet, is more and more adorned with its best finery. Gone is the closet hidden behind an old curtain, the dressing room is back in the limelight, especially in the luxury sector. And what better way to dress it than with high quality hangers made of the finest materials? This is the challenge of Authentiques Paris, a brand created in 2016 that transforms the hangers and closets of the big names of the CAC 40 and of wealthy individuals.

The dressing room is becoming a room in its own right again, it is being exposed on social networks, and is returning to the boudoir spirit of yesteryear. More or less modern and elaborate, they are a room in their own right, occupying 50 or 70 m2 of the space of Authentiques Paris’ VIP target. Carefully decorated places, why not continue the sense of detail onto the hangers, functional objects of everyday life that are much more than a simple wooden pole.

Authentiques Paris expert brand of customizable luxury clothes hangers

The first coat hanger dates from the 16th century. An indispensable object in our daily lives, it has evolved with the times, fashions and types of clothing.

Laurent Gohé « as a hanger professional, I realized that individuals did not know that there were different types of hangers designed for different types of clothes to avoid deforming them, damaging them, etc. With Authentiques Paris I wanted to sublimate the hanger, an essential object of every day but which we do not necessarily pay attention to because it is in our dressing room. I wanted to sublimate it so that it is also a decorative object in its own right. »

A hanger must fit the shape of the garment and does not have the same characteristics depending on the garment it is intended to wear. Men’s hanger, women’s hanger, with or without notches, skirt clip or trouser hanger: so many characteristics to consider, not to mention the nice details that make all the difference.

Authentiques Paris hanger customized in the 3D configurator HomeByMe

Authentiques Paris is equipped with the first 3D web configurator for clothes hangers

A configurator for interior designers and the fashionistas

« The idea had been in the back of my mind for some time. I had a lot of comments from customers who told me that it was difficult to project and who asked me for a lot of samples. And doing simulations with little squares of leather doesn’t help. I met with HomeByMe team just before the first containment and everything became possible. With the help of the region for export, I was able to launch myself into the adventure. » says the founder.

With this interactive 3D configurator for clothes hangers, a world first, Authentiques Paris provides its professional customers with a superb commercial tool and private customers with the opportunity to treat themselves even in small quantities. In a few clicks, they can choose different models of hangers and realize their global personalization:

  • choice of materials
  • choice of colors
  • addition of technical options such as trouser bar, notch or flocking on the shoulders,
  • addition of personalization options such as logos, initials, stitching, coats of arms

« Our clients can thus offer their end customers conceptual choices quickly without going through the costly and time-consuming sampling process. Especially when we know that a large part of the architects and decorators do not think about hangers until the end of their project and want them quickly so as not to deliver empty cupboards. » adds Laurent Gohé.

The web configurator to increase your international visibility

Digital technology erases borders and has the magic of making a tool designed in France accessible on the other side of the world.

What is the medium-term objective of the director of Authentiques Paris? To increase its visibility among all the architects and decorators in the world. In the United States, the Middle East, Russia, Europe: to be visible either through organic search, or via Instagram or by participating in virtual or physical shows. Once the brand’s hangers have entered the database of the decorators, it’s their turn to convince their customers, notably through the 3D configurator.

The web configurator to speed up the sales process

Online personalization of hangers is already proving its worth
When asked about the success of the tool since its launch in April 2021, the answer is enthusiastic! « With the pandemic that we have just experienced, this digital tool allows and has allowed us to finalize projects remotely without interrupting the schedule for the realization of the decoration. » At the time of the interview, Laurent Gohé was participating in a virtual trade show in Russia and the feedback is very encouraging. « Everyone thinks it’s great. For a week now (editor’s note: in Russia) I have been contacted, receiving thanks and congratulations. I had a videoconference with a decorator architect there who confirmed that the choice of this technology was the right one:  ”don’t worry, your configurator is superb, we’ll work together”. I have only good feedback! »

Authentiques Paris decided to make the hanger takes it’s place in the present. « Today the population and customs are changing, 20 to 30% of sales are made on the Internet. Either we follow the movement by adapting it to our environment, or we stay on the sidelines» adds Laurent Gohé. Let’s hear it!

Customization of a hanger for men in grained leather on Authentiques Paris website

The phygital strategy of Authentiques Paris

Of course, a tool like the 3D configurator is not intended to replace physical contact. It allows you to accelerate the sales process by proposing products that match the customer’s tastes. A first filter in a way, efficient and fun, which makes the user the designer of her own styles. « All the customers or prospects I have so far in this virtual show in Russia found the configurator great, that it was a wonderful tool. Now they ask me if I can send them leather samples. It’s normal. We move on to the touch phase, the senses phase, after a first easy selection. I think it’s great because at the end of the day, we don’t send expensive samples. We send them to targets who are really interested. »

A path designed to promote the sales experience and the customer experience, which corresponds to the expectations of generations Y and Z, the buyers of today and tomorrow.

The Authentiques Paris x HomeByMe collaboration: 100% French know-how
At HomeByMe, expert in the furniture and kitchen sector, we are delighted to have provided Authentiques Paris with a tool that makes their life easier by going beyond borders.

And the final word: « I insist a lot in the press releases on the fact that it is the first interactive 3D configurator for clothes hangers. For once it’s French, it must be said! I didn’t think that one day I would succeed, it was a challenge. »

Thank you for your time Laurent Gohé and long live Authentiques Paris!

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