HomeByMe digitizes storage companies and offers a web-based design solution. Integrated with the unique HomeByMe platform dedicated to retailers, it offers the consumer the possibility to create custom closets independently or with the help of a consultant. Intuitive, and well thought out, this is a solution that perfectly combines quality consumer experience and optimized commercial management.

A 100% web-based solution for closet customization

No more confusing and slow software to install on your desktop! This storage experience is a closet configuration and management solution directly accessible on your website or hosted on our platform. It allows your team or customers to create complete storage projects quickly and intuitively.

Starting with 2D plan of the space according to the measurements, 3D visuals to decide on the storage modules, closet doors, layout. Once the closet design is completed, the user can obtain a 3D photo rendering in real time with instant HD images of the design project. Seeing is believing and now you can show them exactly what their closet will look like.

From paper plan to 3D render

An integrated sales management tool

In addition to allowing the creation of a customized closet, the solution integrates the business rules and has a complete project management stack.

In concrete terms, when creating a closet, the designer or consumer will only be able to assemble the combinations authorized by the brand: minimum height to put a rod or recommended spacing between shelves, for example. As the closet is being created, prices are instantly calculated, allowing the designer and the consumer to control and manage their budget efficiently and achieve their ideal storage option. Once the configuration is complete, the seller’s interface allows him to edit a quote, order the parts and coordinate the different vendors involved in the project (manufacturer, delivery man, installer).

A shortened process that promises real productivity gains

This solution has a pleasant design with a neat UX. Adding modules, shelves, rods and drawers is intuitive and the platform guides the user step by step. This tool is ideal for consumers and allows them to design their own closet without errors, while being guided in the design by the solution’s artificial intelligence. Plus? The automatic generation of proposed closet compositions that helps the user to start their project and reveals the designer in them. The fact that this solution is accessible on the web reduces the obstacles in the consumer’s purchasing path, especially in a context of global pandemic and increasing telecommuting. With a few clicks, they can create their own custom storage solution and complete their purchase online or in-store. The tool is optimized and designed to facilitate the purchase and allow a real gain in productivity.

Also a kitchen specialist, HomeByMe offers exactly the same type of solution in this sector. Hygena offers kitchen design directly on its website with the possibility to get help online from an advisor or to complete the purchase in a showroom of the brand. A project that puts customer experience and complete and facilitated sales management at the heart of its solution.

Looking for a solution to optimize your closet sales and offer your customers an intuitive and innovative shopping experience?

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