Grab the attention of new audiences with an open all hours shopping experience that can be accessed via your website or in-store.

For home and kitchen retailers looking for ways to grow their business, a cloud-based 3D planning solution can deliver a unique online planning experience for customers, which can scale and evolve in line with their changing demands. Optimize resources and maximize profit with a solution that can integrate and enhance back-end systems, speed up the sales cycle and offer new design-based insights to inform purchasing, merchandising and marketing strategies.

Cloud-based 3D planning solutions like HomeByMe Furniture & Decor Planner and HomeByMe Kitchen Planner can support business growth efforts in five key ways. These are:

  1. Capture new audiences with stand-out services
  2. Expand into new geographies at low risk
  3. Quickly react to your customers’ changing demands
  4. Upskill your sales professionals and speed up the sales cycle
  5. Optimize operations using unique user insights

To find out more about each benefit, download our infographic below and discover how 3D planning supports business growth while offering your customers an enriched user design experience.

5 ways a 3D planning solution can support business growth for home and kitchen retailers

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