Every customer is different, but with 3D planning buyer personas are easy to create and cater to based on actionable data insights and more.

Every customer is different, from the styles they like to the design cues they take notice of – but they are often categorized under buyer personas, and 3D technology can help. 3D planning solutions not only allow retailers to quickly identify a customer’s persona but they can also unlock the deeper insight needed to supercharge personalization efforts for greater customer engagement. This acts as the building blocks for a more engaging and memorable user experience, which is essential when more than half (66%) of consumers feel a lack of personalization inhibits them from making a purchase.


Empowering customers to own their experiences

An omnichannel cloud-based 3D planning solution like Furniture and Decor Planner takes personalization one step further, diving deeper into buyer persona segments in several ways. It enables an individual – whether an impulse buyer, for example, loyal customer, need-based shopper or price-conscious consumer – to steer their own experiences through highly customizable features.

Individuals can access the platform remotely via a retailer’s website and make use of its intelligent functionality to apply pre-built room templates or custom designs to their exact room dimensions, including the accurate placement of partitions, windows and doors. A customer can pick the color of each wall, install any kind of flooring and even adjust the sunlight in the room to their liking for a hyper-realistic 3D render that can be shared with friends and family for their validation and feedback.

From their own homes, customers can take complete ownership of their design from end to end – no matter the budget. With complete pricing transparency and accumulation, the  Furniture and Decor Planner can be used to amend and experiment with designs in comfort, assured that prices will be the same online as they are in-store for a smoother, less frustrating customer experience.

Collaboration with a sales professional also improves personalization during the design process online. Customers can contact sales teams directly – at a time that’s right for them – to gain practical guidance and advice. Due to 3D product catalogs, which include accurate furniture measurements, a customer can focus on style rather than practicalities, with peace of mind their purchases, when delivered, will fit within the space.


Delving deeper into customer data

For retailers to complement their marketing strategies, a wealth of business-critical insight is readily accessible, which can be utilized in a number of ways.

Firstly, the omnichannel 3D planning solution is a route to acquiring more qualified sales leads as most consumers are happy to receive a 360-degree view of how their ideas will look in real life in exchange for their contact information. This results in retailers having a pre-qualified database of prospects to which they can communicate their latest offers and products.

Online 3D design platforms also tie customers to a retailer’s catalog as they typically return multiple times to experiment with and fine-tune their designs. Retailers can use the data from each customer visit to create an ongoing dialogue with the individual customer, sending design reminders or notifications about price drops for the products they have been searching for.

Finally, the information embedded in a 3D planning platform, such as customer search terms, can tighten a customer engagement strategy by connecting the individual to a highly relevant marketing campaign. With Amazon generating 35% of revenue from its recommendation engine, it’s known that customers are very receptive to recommendation ideas, which opens the door to upselling opportunities. With a 3D planning solution that can mine data from customers’ preferences and motivations, it is possible to provide tailored interior design ideas and matching products to drive sales.


Hyper-personalized capabilities and exceptional user experience

With an omnichannel 3D planning solution, retailers can extract extremely detailed information – of and above persona categories – such as frequencies of use, the most common style selections, average shopping basket values and sales conversion rates. This allows retailers to move beyond categorization and towards highly targeted interactions that better cater to an individual’s shopping preferences.

By marrying hyper-personalized capabilities with an exceptionally user-friendly interface, retailers can also cater to each customer’s preferred purchase journey. From concept to completion, consumers using the Furniture and Decor Planner can adapt and tailor their home improvements as often as they want to, at anytime, anywhere, with the opportunity to purchase online or consult with a sales professional who can access their designs in-store. This delivers the much sought after NOT-one-size-fits-all home design experience that ultimately brings customers closer to the brand and boosts revenue.

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