How 3D planning can help you meet the needs of each type of kitchen retail customer.

Kitchen retailers can no longer segment customers by conventional metrics such as gender or age – to support your omnichannel strategies, it is more effective to segment customers by their attitude to DIY design. Some are happy to design their own spaces completely autonomously, some want a certain level of autonomy, and others still want to engage with a design expert from the get-go. Your omnichannel setup needs be flexible enough to meet the needs of all these customer types. 

The HomeByMe 3D planning solution for kitchen retailers offers that flexibility. It can be completely integrated into your sales infrastructure and help you direct design experts to customers who need support at exactly the right moment. 

Download our infographic to learn more about these different types of kitchen design customers and how you can meet their needs with a 3D planning solution.

The three types of kitchen retail customer

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