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Remarkable personalization experiences to match your customers’ individual style preferences, from colors and materials to shapes and finishes. Consumers and sales explore and customize true-to-life virtual products and visualize them within the home, instilling confidence in purchase decisions and converting leads into sales.

Furniture leaders embrace customization with HomeByMe Product Configurator

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Products designed to sell

HomeByMe Product Configurator delivers all the functionality for home, furniture, storage, bathroom, and kitchen retailers and manufacturers to display high-quality product and lifestyle imagery in every possible configuration directly from your product catalogue. The web becomes a natural extension of your showroom and empowers customers and sales to identify style preferences and finalize purchase-ready designs.

Unlimited 3D configuration options

Online or in store, consumers can try out different product options – switching colors, materials and shapes – before deciding on the ideal product for their needs. They can explore products in detail from every angle.

Consumers imagine products in their home

Augmented reality shows exactly how home furnishings will appear in the real world. Photorealistic 3D views let customers “see” products, check measurements and visualize them, instilling confidence in decisions ahead of purchase.

Highest quality renderings leave a lasting impression

We highlight your products’ best assets and make them appear on screen just as they would in real life, helping to convince even the most reluctant customers. Let them zoom in and out, rotate and visualize every texture and feature to the smallest detail. They can keep the image or share it on social media.

Connect with customers across all channels

Give customers the option to explore your product catalogue at home and then come in store to discuss their ideas and finalize their purchase. This omnichannel buying experience seamlessly connects your website to the showroom and enriches in-store consultations.

The benefits of HomeByMe Product Configurator

Discover why HomeByMe Product Configurator is the only solution you need to bring your product catalogue to life in the virtual world and deliver truly personalized, interactive buying experiences. Learn how we can help you empower your customers to style home interiors and give sales the tools to deliver exceptional design services and increase conversion rates.

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Increase customer satisfaction

Customers easily switch between all product variants. They can zoom in and rotate the product as they familiarize themselves with each piece of furniture. This valuable asset is proven to convince customers.

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Elevate the buying journey

Provide your customers with an interactive, intuitive and fun experience. Our web-based configurator enhances every step of the buying process.

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Boost conversion rates

This interactive experience encourages buyers to stay longer on your website and increases conversion rates by an average of 35%.

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Inspire with stunning imagery

Let products shine on simple, plain backgrounds during the configuration process and show exactly how they will appear in lifelike settings. Every image looks like the real thing.

Discover more features and functionality included in HomeByMe Product Configurator

Online or offline consumer experience

Customers explore product customizations at home, online or collaborate with sales in store to bring their ideas to life. This engaging experience boosts customer satisfaction and turns leads into sales.

3D version of your catalogue

We create a digital representation of your product catalogue. All designs meet your predefined constraints so you only sell products you or your provider can manufacture.

Unlimited product variants, from simple to complex

There is no limit to how many products and variants you want to transform into virtual assets, ready for customers to see and buy. Show products in every possible configuration and help sales present all products.

Easy to deploy: web-based or app

Product Configurator is available online, without any download, powered 100% by the cloud. In-store sales experts can also use an app to display all product variants from wherever they are in store, without the need for internet access.

The future of retail: an exclusive consumer survey report, backed by unique insights

We asked a panel of consumers across Europe and the US about their shopping behaviors and the types of experiences they value and expect from retailers today.

Discover our findings in this exclusive report, backed by informative observations from retail expert Steve Collinge and 3DVIA CEO and founder of HomeByMe Vincent Picou.

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