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Everything you need to deliver the best virtual kitchen design and e-commerce experience. Let consumers envision the kitchen of their dreams and turn it into a perfect reality.

As an online company, providing an easy-to-use, web-based user experience was essential. We are impressed with the simplicity and intuitive flow of HomeByMe. We offer our customers an effective tool to digitally design their kitchen with the latest styles and trends.

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Global transformation drivers affecting the kitchen industry

Annual spend on home improvements is now almost US$430 billion with the kitchen remaining a top investment priority for home owners (Source: Harvard). The budget to mid-market kitchen segment continues to grow fastest, yet is also the most competitive. How do you stand out from the crowd? Consumers expect seamless shopping experiences from online to in store. Retail e-commerce alone is now worth more than US$5.2 trillion worldwide and growing. Gain your share of the market with engaging omnichannel kitchen design and sales strategies that capture your customers’ imaginations, let them envisage exactly how your kitchens will look in their homes, and make the buying process as straightforward as possible.

Before purchasing a new kitchen, 89% of consumers actively seek design inspiration first (Source: Trend Monitor). For most, that research starts online and it’s forcing retailers to develop new web-to-store strategies that capitalize on every potential sale opportunity. Leading kitchen companies meet customers where they are and deliver seamless omnichannel consumer experiences from inspiration to final purchase, backed up by easy to use, versatile and highly visual kitchen design tools that empower customers and build confidence.

Buying a new kitchen is a big decision and your customers want to be sure they’re getting the most value from their investment. More than 70% of consumers expect personalization and over three-quarters get frustrated when this doesn’t happen (Source: McKinsey & Company). As businesses face mounting pressure to stay profitable, how do they strike the right balance? Success relies on the ability to proactively manage costs and personalize the customer experience. Understanding your customers’ needs helps to anticipate demand and make your business more resilient to market fluctuations. Ultimately, personalization drives business growth, generates 40% more revenue, and leads to happier customers.

Get ready to disrupt the market

The future of kitchen retail and e-commerce is here, led by three key developments.

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Omnichannel solutions

Consumers expect anytime, anywhere shopping experiences, leading to a greater need for omnichannel sales strategies.

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Web-to-store strategies

The decision-making process begins online, yet most purchases are finalized in store, putting web-to-store strategies in the spotlight.

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Personalized experiences

Full personalization is expected at every stage of the buying journey, from inspiration to purchase.

This is the future of kitchen design and selling

See how kitchen companies and their customers style, visualize and manage kitchen projects in the virtual world.

HomeByMe Kitchen Experience addresses every step of the consumer buying journey

Elevate your kitchen business with our world leading, cloud-based solution covering 3D kitchen planning, product and kitchen style configuration, and sales operations management. 

Wow consumers with interactive 3D kitchen layouts

Kick off the buying process and inspire your customers with immersive visualization where they can personalize and experiment with kitchen styles – changing cabinets, worktops, walls, floor colors and materials in just a few clicks as they reimagine their future kitchen.

Provide intuitive 3D floor plan and space designs

Give consumers an easy way to personalize kitchens in 3D. Templates actively rescale to deliver a selection of inspiring designs that perfectly fit your customer’s space.

Give consumers and sales the power to personalize kitchens

Change door styles, handles, worktops, colors and finishes in an instant. Let customers edit any product, see only valid options and visualize exactly how their new kitchen will look in their home. Prices and promotional discounts update in real time.

Control your sales operations with a seamless, hassle-free retail experience

Gain full control of the entire sales and fulfilment process within an online sales operations management solution. Our retail engine brings visibility to every sale, and enables designers, installers, manufacturers and logistics to collaborate and keep orders on track.

Four reasons to choose HomeByMe Kitchen Experience

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World leader in 3D innovation for more than 40 years

Number two > HomeByMe Enterprise > Dassault Systemes

Strong kitchen expertise and support

Number three > HomeByMe Enterprise > Dassault Systemes

Omnichannel buying experience with proven results

Number four > HomeByMe Enterprise > Dassault Systemes

Clear product vision and roadmap

Top kitchen retailers and manufacturers trust us

World-leading kitchen specialists and DIY retailers rely on HomeByMe Kitchen Experience to transform their value proposition and deliver seamless online kitchen design and retail experiences.

HomeByMe Kitchen Experience

Kitchen Experience: one seamless experience tailored to the needs of kitchen retailers. Download the flyer now!

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