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It’s time to take your business to the next level. Give your customers and sales the design solution they expect to craft bespoke furnishings for individual rooms and budgets. Democratize home design and connect the shopping experience.

To streamline the sales process, I see a lot of benefits to 3D. The customer can see the product, they can purchase it, there’s less point of contact needed in the purchase. I think it definitely is, or will be, one of the pillars of the customer experience.

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Brendon Barnes
City Furniture Digital Assets and 3D Production Manager

Global transformation drivers affecting the homeware industry

Your customers no longer need or want to travel from store to store to find their perfect sofa or bed. Just as they’ve welcomed digital into most aspects of their lives, consumers increasingly prefer to experience part or all of the furniture buying process online too. It’s a trend happening across the wider retail industry as spending shifts online. E-commerce sales are now worth more than US$5.2 trillion worldwide and growing (Source: Statista). To remain relevant, homeware retailers need powerful web-to-store strategies that give customers the flexibility to explore, design and buy products online, or start their interior design project at home and complete it in store.

In a world of social media-influenced interiors, consumers are used to seeking inspiration online and browsing around for the perfect furniture to style their homes. To attract customers, leading home companies must inspire them in new ways and create a seamless transition from the discovery to purchase phase. This is especially important when you consider that almost two-thirds of online searches for the furniture sector are transactional (Source: Marketing Charts). It means that consumers searching for products online do so with a clear intent to buy. Successful sales strategies rely on the ability to facilitate purchase decisions, guiding customers through the entire buying process and letting them visualize exactly how new furniture will look in the home.

Homeware is one of the most popular retail categories where consumers want the option to personalize goods. Research shows that almost half of consumers want to purchase furniture from companies that give them the opportunity to customize, and they want to be actively involved in the process, especially for big-ticket furniture items (Source: Deloitte). Most are willing to pay a premium for this kind of service too. Homeware companies with strong digital capabilities are better equipped to deliver the customization capabilities their customers expect and gain the insights they need to develop products customers really want. Get it right and you’ll gain loyal, satisfied customers and boost revenue in the process.

Get ready to disrupt the market

The future of furniture retail and e-commerce is here, led by three key developments

Omnichannel solutions

Consumers expect anytime, anywhere shopping experiences, leading to a greater need for omnichannel sales strategies.

Web-to-store strategies

The decision-making process begins online, yet most purchases are finalized in store, putting web-to-store strategies in the spotlight.

Personalized experiences

Full personalization is expected at every stage of the buying journey, from inspiration to purchase.

A new way to design and sell homeware

See how furniture and decor companies and their customers style, visualize and manage home interior projects in the virtual world.

HomeByMe Furniture and Decor Experience supports your customers and sales from planning to purchase

Our world-leading, cloud-based solution covers 3D product styling, configuration, and sales operations management to deliver a truly seamless buying journey.

Engage consumers to create their preferred interiors online

Let customers personalize any room to find their perfect style. From furniture and decor to walls and flooring, your customers can configure the interior design of their dreams in a matter of clicks and visualize it with high-quality renderings generated in seconds. It’s just like a photoshoot, but in 3D, tailored to their vision.

Deliver a 3D experience that helps consumers envisage their future home

Customers visualize their perfect furniture configuration and setup in the context of their own room. They adapt the floor plan, in inches or millimeters, and place their furniture. Prices and promotional discounts update in real time.

Give your customers and sales the ability to customize products

Show your customers all the different furniture variants they can choose from – modular, corner sofas, headboard finishes, underbed storage, footstool shapes and so on – complete with product availability. Customers and sales see exactly which parts they can edit and how changes impact the overall price.

Access the best on-line platform to manage your business operations

Deliver an impressive customer experience and give sales all the tools they need to follow leads and manage orders within an integrated environment, backed by clear, standardized workflows.

Four reasons to choose HomeByMe Furniture and Decor Experience

World leader in 3D innovation for more than 40 years

Strong furniture and decor expertise and support

Omnichannel buying experience with proven results

Clear product vision and roadmap

Top furniture and decor retailers and manufacturers trust us

Leading home interior companies rely on HomeByMe Furniture and Decor Experience to transform their value proposition and deliver seamless online product design and retail experiences.

HomeByMe Furniture and Decor Experience

Furniture and Decor Experience: a suite of products tailored to the needs of furniture retailers.

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