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The Home Design Process with 3D Planning in Five Steps

couple editing their design together using an online 3D planning solution

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The Home Design Process with 3D Planning in Five Steps

The home design process can be long and complicated. Simplify the consumer home design experience with 3D planning in five steps.

The HomebyMe for Home Retailers 3D planning solution is packed with a diverse range of features to create an exceptional home design user experience and accelerate the sales cycle. All it takes is a simple five stage process. Here is how your experts and consumers can create beautiful homes in a matter of minutes:

  1. Empower customers to create accurate designs
  2. Inspire users with prepopulated templates
  3. Give users an engaging and interactive experience
  4. Incentivize customers with dynamic pricing updates
  5. Take users from concept to completion with HD renders

Download our infographic below to learn the details behind each step of the process and how 3D planning solutions like HomeByMe for Home Retailers can enhance the user experience while empowering your customers today.

Home Design Process with 3D Planning

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