Customer Experience December 1, 2020

How 3D planning increases customer satisfaction

How HomeByMe for Home Retailers saved Steve and Jenny's dinner party

Customer Experience

How 3D planning increases customer satisfaction

See how 3D planning from HomeByMe increases your customer satisfaction while growing your sales.

Homeowners are always redecorating for special occasions, new trends, or simply to change things up. However, when it comes to special occasions like a holiday party, birthday, or even a dinner party, an extra element of stress enters the equation. The hosts no longer have to just decorate for themselves, but also take into consideration the needs of their guests, their first impressions, and their personal level of comfort.

So, all these considerations along with the added amount of stress are brought into the showroom when our two homeowners, Steve and Jenny, walk into their home furniture retailer. At the crowded showroom, it’s difficult to get the personal, undivided attention they need from one of the sales agents operating the showroom floor. At home, Jenny and Steve can have personalized shopping and design layouts based on their selections and need using an online 3D home planning solution, like HomeByMe for Home Retailers. The ability to take their time while personalizing their journey makes their task an enjoyable one, rather than laborious and stressful. Retailers that enable 3D planning solutions increase the customer satisfaction of clients like Steve and Jenny and have them come back for their next home improvement project.

Download the rest of the comic strip below to find out how Steve and Jenny’s final purchase turned out, and how they impressed their guests. For more information on how 3D planning solutions like HomeByMe for Home Retailers can increase you customer satisfaction, visit our resource center here.

family complimenting the design of their relatives' new apartment thanks to 3D planning

How HomeByMe Increases Customer Satisfaction

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