ROI of 3D planning February 1, 2021

Calculating the ROI of a 3D planning solution for home and kitchen retailers

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ROI of 3D planning

Calculating the ROI of a 3D planning solution for home and kitchen retailers

By investing in the latest 3D planning technology, home and kitchen retailers can expect to add an estimated 5% growth to annualized revenue.

Placing an emphasis on 3D planning improves the aspects of the entire organization and is more than simple lead generation. Sales staff are able to offer better service while customers engage in a more personalized experience tailor made for their kitchen, with the ability to access their project through multiple channels in store and online. A better, more accurate user experience leads to higher satisfaction and fewer returns, reducing the cost of sales.

At this point, kitchen retailers may be asking how can 3D design planning solutions like HomeByMe deliver an return on investment that improves the business as a whole? In short, calculating the ROI of a 3D planning solution is a mix of increased sales via a shortened purchase cycle and delivering a quality user experience. This can be separated into 5 key segments:

  1. Accelerated sales
  2. Reduced cost of sales
  3. Fewer returns
  4. Increased customer satisfaction
  5. Deeper customer insight

Download our infographic below to learn more details about each of the five segments above as well as the many benefits of 3D planning solutions for home and kitchen retailers and how it can positively impact your bottom line. For more information on how 3D planning solutions like HomeByMe for Kitchen Retailers  and HomeByMe for Home Retailers can increase sales, accelerate you sales cycle and grow your customers satisfaction, visit our resource center here.

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Calculating the ROI of a 3D planning solution

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