Bathroom Experience

Connect with consumers at every stage of the bathroom buying journey. Style, configure, visualize and sell everything from shower doors to taps, all in the context of the customer’s home, backed by a personalized, unified buying experience.

Fundamentally, consumers have learned how valuable and engaging the online experience can be, particularly when it comes to researching and planning large projects like bathrooms. When you find an easier way to do things, you don’t go back.

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Steve Collinge
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Global transformation drivers affecting the bathroom industry

Homeowners are prioritizing more of their renovation budgets on bathrooms than ever before. The average spend on fixtures, fittings and installation has risen by over 60% in the last few years, and bathroom consumers are shopping around, especially online, to get exactly what they want (Source: BMA). Across the entire retail sector, e-commerce continues to gain traction and is now worth more than US$5.2 trillion worldwide. It requires bathroom retailers to step up their online presence and develop winning omnichannel bathroom design and sales strategies. Rather than travelling from showroom to showroom, customers want to explore bathrooms online, picture how they will look in the context of their home and have a clear idea of costs before they come into your store to finalize their purchase.

Get ready to disrupt the market

The future of bathroom retail and e-commerce is here, led by three key developments

Omnichannel solutions

Consumers expect anytime, anywhere shopping experiences, leading to a greater need for omnichannel sales strategies.

Web-to-store strategies

The decision-making process begins online, yet most purchases are finalized in store, putting web-to-store strategies in the spotlight.

Personalized experiences

Full personalization is expected at every stage of the buying journey, from inspiration to purchase.

HomeByMe Bathroom Experience supports customers and sales from planning to purchase

Our world-leading, cloud-based solution covers 3D bathroom planning, product and bathroom style configuration, and sales operations management to deliver a truly seamless buying journey.

Inspire consumers with stunning bathrooms they can personalize

Bring bathroom design ideas to life with photorealistic, personalized experiences. Make all product categories from your catalogue – furniture, accessories, flooring and tiles in any materials, colors and shapes – available for configuration. Initiate the purchase decision-making process, reflect consumers’ preferences and create dream bathrooms in a few clicks.

Four reasons to choose HomeByMe Bathroom Experience

World leader in 3D innovation for more than 40 years

Strong bathroom expertise and support

Omnichannel buying experience with proven results

Clear product vision and roadmap

HomeByMe Bathroom Experience

Bathroom Experience: a suite of products tailored to the needs of bathroom retailers. Download the flyer now!

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How can DIY retailers deliver a 5-star customer experience?

Every customer interaction counts. Especially now that 95% of consumers read online reviews as part of their buying journey*.
Your customers are looking for that 5-star experience to keep them coming back for every new DIY home project. But it only takes one bad interaction to leave them dissatisfied.
So what factors contribute to a 5-star rating? And what steps can retailers take to get to the top?

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