Since its launch, the augmented reality feature, where any piece of furniture can be virtually shown in a customer’s home, has already been used by more than 36,000 consumers.

Top 100 retailer City Furniture has added an augmented reality feature to its website so customers can preview items in their homes before purchasing.

We’re continuing our relentless pursuit of a personalized experience for our customers after the successful launch of our visual search feature,” said Anelena Longhi, City Furniture vice president of marketing and digital experience. “Offering customers the ability to ‘see’ a product visually in their space – in the comfort of their home – gives them increased peace of mind when making their purchases.”

Longhi said that when the company applied this feature to one popular product, they saw a 33% cart-to-detail increase and a 179% buy-to-detail increase. Customers can now preview more than 75% of the company’s catalog using this AR feature.

City showcases more than 5,000 products that are modeled in 3D and are visible from every angle through a 360-degree view feature, which projects the item directly into the user’s interior in real time.

We are constantly evaluating how we can utilize technology to create a better experience for our customers, whether online or in our showrooms,” said Andrew Koenig, City Furniture president. “The swift and enthusiastic adoption of our new AR feature by our customer base shows us that inspiring confidence in the consumer using the best technology available does translate into not only conversion, but also loyalty.”

In just over a month since the new AR technology launched, the company said more than 36,000 consumers have already used it.


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