Marketing trend March 30, 2021

HomeByMe for Retailers – 3D planning solutions to strengthen marketing strategies

strengthen marketing strategies with 3D planning solutions

Marketing trend

HomeByMe for Retailers – 3D planning solutions to strengthen marketing strategies

Turbo-charge the ROI of your marketing efforts with HomeByMe’s 3D planning solutions for home and kitchen retailers.

Increase customer engagement and reduce the cost of acquisition with a true omnichannel offering. Equip your marketing teams with actionable insights on customer preferences and pain points so that you can deliver marketing campaigns that deliver results.

Engage your customers

  • Inspire your shoppers to design with immersive interactive experiences
  • Create stickiness by providing customers with a sense of ownership
  • Stay abreast of consumer trends like social shopping, omnichannel and DIY
3D rendering from HomeByMe for Kitchen Retailers 3D planning solution

Deliver qualified sales leads

  • Bring more customers into store with sales-ready designs
  • Shrink pricing and negotiation cycles with real-time pricing updates, advice and promotions
  • Tackle cart abandonment with integrated re-marketing campaigns

Derive actionable insights from customer data

  • Gain powerful consumer insights from analytics of aggregate solution data
  • Personalize the customer experience with data-driven intelligence
  • Identify popular product lines and best sellers for successful promotions
3D rendering from HomeByMe for Home Retailers 3D planning solution

Build an omnichannel brand identity

  • Customize and white label the solution to provide an integrated brand experience
  • Combine digital space planning, automation and intelligence in one omnichannel solution
  • Extend your website and store experience into an easy to use, versatile planning platform
3D rendering from the HomeByMe for Home Retailers 3D planning solution

Download the rest of our infographic below to learn the details of how 3D planning solutions like HomeByMe for Retailers can deliver actionable data insights that strengthen your marketing strategies to deliver robust results.

Strengthen Marketing Strategies with HomeByMe

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